Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chantix's Foibles

Yesterday Pharmalyst caught the tail end of what appears to be a teaser ad for Pfizer's smoking cessation drug Chantix. The ad aired around 7:50pm on the ABC networks in the US. The ad showed some thing like a hare and a tortoise & then the imagery of a cigarette being crushed with the Pfizer logo on the screen. The word Chantix wasn't mentioned & looked like some sort of a play on the well known Aesop's fable. Pharmalyst wasn't too impressed...but its early days with just the teaser ad being out there. The ad mentioned a website with the word fable in it. After some googling, Pharmalyst thinks it is Looks like a crappy website...the website insisted on installing some software before Pharmalyst could view it and for a moment Pharmalyst wondered if someone was trying to install some hacking software on Pharmalyst's computer.

Meanwhile ABC news featured a rather unusual & bizzare story on Chantix here.

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Anonymous said...

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