Monday, June 4, 2007

Novartis share of hypertension market

If anyone has some early IMS/other numbers on how Tekturna is doing, please e-mail. Looks like Novartis is making some waves in the hypertension market with the launch of Tekturna.

They also recently received approval for Exforge (combination of their Diovan and Pfizer's Norvasc molecules). Exforge may do well....What Pharmalyst has read so far from Novartis is that the combo offers better hypertension control than either component individually.

Many of these combo molecules though have one component which is still under patent (Vytorin - Zocor and Zetia, Caduet - Norvasc and Lipitor, Exforge - Norvasc and Diovan). Can anyone let me know if these things are still patented once both the constituents of the combo come off patent? If so, it will be interesting to watch the incentives PBMs offer for people to take the pills individually.

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