Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making of a quiet blockbuster - New Indications?

Some of you may have read Pharmalyst's previous posts regarding the prospects of Chantix, Pfizer's drug for smoking cessation. Now ABC news and others are reporting on a new study that offers the possibility, that this could be used to treat alcohol addiction as well... and perhaps other types of addiction too.

How big could the alcohol addiction market be? Pretty big (though not as big as the smoking market). According to this source, there were an estimated 12 million alcoholics in the US in 1993. That is roughly one fourth of the number of smokers....presumably this alcohol addiction market size will be a fourth of the smoking cessation market? Though the number of alcoholics is fewer than the number of smokers, Pharmalyst thinks that the % of alcoholics who want to try Chantix will be higher than the % of smokers.....This of course supposes that the product is effective in treating alcohol addiction and that is a big if.

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