Friday, July 27, 2007

PharmaFraud comments on Pharmalyst among others

Thanks to Dr. Peter Rost's blog, I just became aware an interesting blog called PharmaFraud. S/he has written a rather interesting and provocative rant about some pharmablogs. About the PharmaBlogosphere s/he comments that

"Same stories as every other Blogger, shameless self promotion, a lot of stories are just copied and pasted from other sites, questionable knowledge of the Pharma Industry, would sell-out to Big Pharma in a second."

Then he proceeds to rate PharmaGossip, BrandweekNRX and Pharmalyst as "A small step above Pharmablogosphere".

To Jim Edwards (of BrandweekNRX) and Insider (of PharmaGossip): Pharmalyst is honored to be lumped together with your blogs. As for the other charges leveled, I would like to address each one of them here.
  • Shameless self promotion: Guilty as charged. I guess self promotion is always one of the many sub-conscious motivating factors influencing any blogger....and that includes you PharmaFraud.
  • Questionable knowledge of the Pharma Industry: Guilty as charged. As this post from Pharmalyst indicates, the purpose of writing this blog is to learn more about the industry through comments and e-mail from readers (many of who appear to be from the industry and have graciously shared their insights via comments and e-mails)
  • Would sell out to big-pharma in a second: You betcha. From the same post as above, Pharmalyst wants to work in business analytics or finance related fields in the pharma industry. When you have the loans and commitments that Pharmalyst has, you would sell out to big-pharma in a second. And what about you PharmaFraud? Looks like you were selling out to big-pharma till you got your gag orders and (hopefully soon) some settlement monies.....

Pharmalyst thinks that there may be a grain of truth in PharmaFraud's rant on all blogs but blogging is inherently about linking, commenting etc. Pharmalyst was also curious as to why s/he reviewed Pharmalyst and not other fine and more knowledgeable blogs like PharmaGiles, In Vivo, Pharma's Cutting Edge, Clin Psy etc etc

What about the rest of PharmaFraud's blog? Pharmalyst read a few posts and here is Pharmalyst's take.....hey everyone can be a critic sometimes...

PharmaFraud looks like a pharma insider who probably used work in the business development or wholesaler management or some such department of a big pharma (J&J or Pfizer perhaps). Looks like s/he departed after some serious litigation which is still ongoing and there is a lot of pent up angst and frustration that is all bottled up and waiting to come out. As for the posts themselves, looks like PharmaFraud is not above 'cutting and pasting' as this posting shows. Many of the other posts (like this one) appear to be a bit rambling and lack fact it almost appears that PharmaFocus knows of so much and hence knows so many problems that s/he doesn't know where to strike first. Also while some posts have lots of inner workings of the industry that people like Pharmalyst enjoy reading, many others seem to be pure vendetta (understandable given PharmaFraud's apparent situation). Most of PharmaFraud's attempts at humor also fall flat in the eyes of Pharmalyst - s/he is no PharmaGiles or PharmaGossip.

All that being said, PharmaFraud is an interesting blog that Pharmalyst will follow (and hopefully will get better once some of PharmaFraud's angst & rage subsides as whatever litigation s/he is involved in unwinds).

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