Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rheoscience & Dr. Reddy's: Brass Cojones?

Sure looks that way. The IN VIVO blog reports that they have just dosed their first patient for phase III trials for their partial PPAR gamma agonist balaglitazone.

Given all the issues with Rezulin, Avandia, Pargluva etc, that does take some solid cojones. What the IN VIVO folks did not report in their post was that Novo Nordisk (an almost pure play diabetes company) had previously decided to stop developing balaglitazone (this is one Dr. Reddy's first forays into original molecules). See press article on Novo's decision here ). Either Rheo sees the partial agonism aspect as truly unique with this compound or they are just desperate.

Correction: In Vivo did reference Novo's decision in their post. The link is fixed too. I'm sorry

Image Courtesy: Wall Street Bull by Jermany on Flickr.

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