Friday, April 13, 2007

Pharma Giles: Fresh fruit from rotting vegetables

Readers of this blog already know the blog Pharma Giles. In the unlikely event that there is someone who doesn't, please check it out. For someone like Pharmalyst it is an amazing source to really learn about the industry. Giles debunks the industry doublespeak in a manner that George Orwell would approve. And he does it in really funny way - a "pharma industry Dilbert in words" sort of way.

So it was quite an honor (honour) for Pharmalyst to merit a mention in one of Mr. Giles' recent posts. In it he offers some good career advice to yours truly. Using a rather ingenious empirical technique, Mr Giles mines the depths of Cafepharma to get some useful nuggets. How does he do it? Well he gives you his assumptions & techniques in his post. Based on Mr. Giles' analysis, the two best pharma employers are Wyeth & GSK. The two worst? Abbott & Pfizer (Pharmalyst must say that a casual reading of Cafepharma does leave one with the gut feel that ABT & PFE are not great places to work currently). Mr Giles confirms this with a more "robust" model. PharmaGiles is quite funny at many levels. It lampoons company memos using "phoni" company a similar vein it may be poking fun at some of the empirical techniques that Pharmalyst has recently used. Either way the entire blog is really funny!

Out of curiosity Pharmalyst also checked Fortune magazine's top 100 employers . The pharma names that figure in this list?
2. Genentech
40. Amgen
43. Genzyme
71. Astra Zeneca

Given recent news regarding Amgen & AZ, Pharmalyst suspects that Mr Giles' list is much more current and accurate!

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