Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rebuffing a Mack Attack

Pharmalyst hopes it was just an oversight . However for the record, things must be set right. Pharmalyst generally enjoys reading John Mack's Pharma Marketing Blog, but does not have much use for John's PharmaBlogosphere (a blog about pharma blogging). This is because Pharmalyst started this blog so that he could learn about the pharma industry thru comments from readers and from researching (ok web surfing) various topics to blog on. So Pharmalyst rarely visits the PharmaBlogosphere. The dynamics of the blogging "industry" itself are not of much interest to Pharmalyst.

PharmaGiles' last post made some references to the PharmaBlogosphere and Pharmalyst had a read today. So naturally he was shocked to find the following in one of Mr. Mack's posts:

Good idea! I remember getting "bitch slapped" by Rost for asking Pharmalyst not to use my copyright logos and images to illustrate posts (see "John Mack attacks, new blog apologizes."). Pharmalyst had no problem with my request, which was designed to protect my business's reputation. Misuse of logos and registered trademarks is even a stronger no no than using an image I may have created to illustrate a post.

For the record: I have never used any of John's logos or images or posts for any of my posts and judging by the language above I probably never will!! If I am not mistaken the blogger in question was "John S" a Pfizer rep who started his Bill of Rights blog. Based on this post from John S, it looks like he was just starting out and did not really know the blogging perhaps John Mack was being a bit unduly harsh.

Mr. Mack: I know that it is hard to get all the facts right all the time, but please do try (especially when you yourself are involved).

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John Mack said...

Sorry for the mistake, but you should have contacted me directly and I wouold have gladly corrected it promptly!