Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This part of the game is brought to you by...the OIG!

No, we're not talking the recent saga at AZ. This refers to the fascinating study done by PharmedOut's Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman in collaboration with Shahram Ahari, a former rep. They provide great insights into how reps categorize physicians into specific types and the strategies the reps employ to manipulate/influence them. Nothing to be surprised about but a real fascinating read nevertheless. The study has received wide coverage in the blogosphere and you can view the full publication here. One interesting aspect that caught Pharmalyst's eye was the funding source for the study:

So this study was indirectly sponsored by Pfizer (from the fines Warner Lambert paid to the state AGs for off-label promotion of Neurontin)! Unlike the way many states spent their tobacco litigation settlements (earmarked for tobacco education efforts but actually used to pay interest on bonds issued by profligate state governments), it seems that these funds are being used as originally intended!

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brandbulldawg said...

This made me smile a little that Pfizer paid for this research. It is not ground breaking research ming you, but it will validate Pharma sales trainer's methods.

BTW, nice blog!